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Coaching can be busy. Don’t worry, Pilgrim Sports can make your trip successful and save you time.

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If you are like most coaches, your schedule is filled with practices, team meetings, booster club events and most importantly, games. Your personal time has become limited and you barely have time to spend with your family and friends. As if life wasn’t full enough, a boss or parent suggests that you prepare an international trip for your team, a trip that provides cultural immersion and athletic experiences.

Many coaches begin to question if they could successfully plan an international trip, and they begin to look for help. Maybe a friend or assistant coach offers to assist you, but the task is overwhelming and they come back to you with endless logistics and options. Don’t worry! As an experienced, athletic travel company, Pilgrim Sports can help you and simplify your tour planning process. We can make your trip a success so you can please your boss, your players, and your player’s parents.

We know you don’t want to sacrifice lots of time and pay money for an unsuccessful trip. With Pilgrim Sports, the process is simple, successful, and competitively priced.

  1. Schedule a phone call to speak with one of our representatives. During this conversation, our agent will ask questions about your dream tour and listen to your travel needs.
  2. We research your travel logistics and prepare a tour quote. Airfare, transportation, hotels, guidance, athletic events, sightseeing and more. No worries, we’ll take care of it.
  3. We send you a comprehensive quotation stating the details and costs for your tour. If changes are needed, no problem, just let us know and we’ll fix them.
  4. Agree to the proposed quote. Sign the quote and return it to Pilgrim Sports with a $200.00 deposit.
  5. We provide brochures, reservation forms, travel insurance details and a custom tour web page. Simply announce the tour, pass out the promotional material, and direct all questions to us.
  6. Enjoy your free tour and travel the world with your team. Yes, that’s right, head coaches travel free with their team.

Pilgrim Sports can help save you time and make your trip successful. Call us today at 800-322-0788 or email us at We’d love to help you.

– The Pilgrim Sports Team

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